out on the edge

The genesis of an exploration mission  
  THE spirit of adventure. This is what undoubtedly has made mankind spread througout the Galaxy, searching out new frontiers and new adventure. As the human population spread, the potential for exploration increased. Many commanders have at least kept a log of their travels through space, and some have compiled them into their life story for others to read.

  But with mankind's expansion through the galaxy has come more... human dramas, intrigue, assasins and thieves. Secret services of all three powers thrive. Piracy is rife, giving rise to the bounty hunter. With the ever increasing pool of human knowledge, the manipulation of the very fabric of space/time causes yet more adventures our ancestors could not have dreamed to be possible. So read the accounts of the men and women who live on the Frontier, making a living from the very adventure they crave...

New! Walking Shadow, by Ben Peake. A fantastic read!

into deep space
  Many Commanders have kindly written about their experiences in space so others may learn from them, and allowed the Alliance to publish them on our information site. The intent is to give the reader a better feeling for what it's really like living on the Frontier. If you've got an experience you think we should publish, please give us a call and let us know - we can publish it right here, or if you like, put a link to your site. Mail us on and we'll endevour to publish your story.

Heaven's Reach
By Brad Chacos. A story of slavery and cruelty at the hands of the Empire. Stephen Keyes has escaped, to become a trader. But will it be the nightmares or the slavers who eventually finish off the elderly ex-slave?
Swallowing Pride
By Dalibor Perkovic. So how much mischief can a commander get himself into when he picks up a rich and famous movie star? And how will the said movie star react when she sees the 'fertilizer' drift past after a little bit of trouble with the trip to Arexack...
Nothing Like the Prodigal
By Ben Peake. Even if you're a bounty hunter, you've gotta go home some time. But beware, surprises may be lurking which you've not quite anticipated (PDF).
Walking Shadow
By Ben Peake. Ethics. Entertainment. Choose one, and beware of Vega Corp. (PDF).
The Lion Incident
In April 3276, the science vessel, the AJN Lion, disappeared under very unusual circumstances. It has never been seen since. Zack Wilson gives his account of the events.
Space psychosis
Josh Smith was a young Frontier tradesman when he witnessed one of the most frightening psychological conditions of our psychosis.

commander James Winston
  Commander James K. Winston has always lived on the edge. He is currently in the progress of writing his story, with the help of the renowned biography writer, Mikhail Rast. Winston has given Rash access to his diaries, in which he kept careful notes of events since the day he left the farm to start a new life in space...

NEW: Deceit, Harmony and Pleasure is the latest story in James Winston's life. Transcription is currently in progress...please keep coming back to check for new chapters. New chapters are announced in the Frontier News.

About James Winston
Some background about Commander James K. Winston, the commander of the Turner Space Combat Academy.
The Hunter & the Hunted.
Commander Winston takes on a dangerous mission that leads to certain death...
An Expensive Trip
Winston goes home to visit his family in Phekda, for the first time in six years. However, it turns out to be rather more expensive than he bargained.
Tionisla Rising
The Whole Shebang
Get all three parts of Tionisla Rising in one PDF file.
Part 1
James Winston receives a rude awakening in Tionisla that starts him on a new mission.
Part 2
Winston's team of bounty hunters go on a mission to capture a very special ship...
Part 3
Attacks by his own kind, attempted mutiny and weapons problems all plague Jim Winston and his crew.
Deceit, Harmony and Pleasure.
PDF File
Get the entire story so far as a single PDF file. This contains the complete Parts 1 and 2. Part 3 will be added once it is complete.
Chapter 1
The End of the Beginning. Call Out.
Chapter 2
Truth Or Consequences.
Chapter 3
Happiness Is A Warm Gun.
Chapter 4
Flick of the Wrist.
Chapter 5
Wot's uh...The Deal?
Chapter 6
Up the Ante
Chapter 7
The Tangled Web
Chapter 8
Deception Under Cover
Part Two: Prologue
A new dawn begins for those seeking the answers.
Chapter 9
A Feudal Feud
Chapter 10
It Tastes Just Like Chicken
Chapter 11
Surrender Or Die
Chapter 12
Surrender And Die
Chapter 13
Angst and Anxiety
Chapter 14
The Micro War
Chapter 15
On the Run
Chapter 16
The Suspect
Chapter 17
Confusion and Discovery
Chapter 18
We've Gotta Leave This Hole
Part Three
Chapter 19
Prologue: The Final Deceit
Chapter 20
The Terrible Secret of Space
Chapter 21
Backstab Revealed
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
The Legend
Chapter 24
The Meeting
Chapter 25
Beginning of the End
Chapter 26
Deceiving Allies
Chapter 27
The Net Tightens

Deceit, Harmony and Pleasure is an in-progress project. Please check back for more chapters!

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