On the 29th April, 1997, I took my first step on the road to gaining my Private Pilot Certificate. I started off in a Cessna 152 at Houston Gulf, and transistioned to the 172 when the 152 left the club. Lee Simmons was my instructor - an instructor with around 6,000 hours in single-engine aircraft. Halfway through I did my spin training with Harvey and Rihn Aviation, in La Porte, Texas (call them on 281 471 1675 for spin training and aerobatic instruction in the Houston area).

-- Student Pilot Journal --

  Select the week you're interested in. The diary format is a prosaic, qualitative description of what happened rather than "This is how to fly", and hopefully conveys the excitement of learning to fly. In total, there are 23 weeks, so you might want to grab a hot beverage before you start!

Week 1 April 29th, May 1st and May 3rd
Week 2 May 8th and May 10th.
Week 3 May 16th and May 17th. The 15th was rained off.
Week 4 May 24th and May 25th. The 22nd was rained off too.
Week 5 May 25th, May 31st and June 1st
Week 6 3rd June and 7th June
Week 7 11th June, 12th June and 14th June. Empty right seat!
Week 8 19th June, 18th and 21st weathered off
Week 9 24th June, 27th June and 28th June
Week 10 2nd July, 4th July and 6th July
Week 11 8th July, 10th July, 12th July and 13th July
Week 12 18th July - Very unusual attitudes.
Week 13 27th July - the 172 is down for maintenance...
Week 14 3rd August and 4th August. Cancelations and WX trouble
Week 15 6th August
Week 16 13th August and 17th August
Week 17 20th August and 23rd August
Week 18 25th August, 28th August and 31st August
Week 19 5th September and 7th September
Week 20 10th September, 11th September, 13th September and 14th September.
Week 21 17th September, 18th September and 20th September
Week 22 25th September and 26th September
Week 23 5th October - C H E C K R I D E ! ! !

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