The Big Trip: Part One


The South West. This part of the trip was around the south western states - Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah and a little bit of Colorado. Long cross country trips are always a good learning experience, and this one was no exception. The aircraft used was our 1946 Cessna 140, with the 85-horsepower C-85 engine as originally fitted to the aircraft. The long-distance Cessna 140 experience is definitely one not to be missed!

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Trip Index.

Introduction and Trip Planning. The trip is within the scope of even low time private pilots.
Day 1 - GLS to JCT: Texas Goes On Forever when you're in a C140!
Day 2 - JCT to PEQ to LSB to CGZ: Still more Texas, across NM in a day and into Arizona.
Day 3 - Fixing Broken Airplane Parts
Day 4 - CGZ - TRM - MHV: Smog in LA Sucks
Day 5 - MHV - MRY: Heading off to the Pacific Coast.
Day 6 - Hiking in Big Sur.
Day 7 - MRY - MHR: Resisting the temptation to fly under the Golden Gate
Day 8 - MHR - BAM - SLC: Beating the Weather

The weather then proceeded to suck for the next few days, so I stayed with my friends in SLC...

Day 14 - SLC - ENV - SLC: Nuclear Warriors, Broken F-16s, and 85hp at 12,500 feet.
Day 15 - SLC - FMN: Slope Soaring.
Day 16 - FMN - CVN - SJT - GLS: Texas Hasn't Shrunk At All, but it Sure Is Flat!

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