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Session 11

WHEN     : Sunday 18th June 2000
WHAT     : Another rather sad attempt at thermalling!
WHO      : 2 solo flights. HOW LONG : 42 minutes in 2 flights

  Today I got to introduce someone new to soaring. Of course, they couldn't fly with me, since I don't yet have my PP-G, but they could still ride along to the glider club in the C-140. Robert Dues was my passenger in the C-140 from Houston Gulf - he's one of the line crew there, and he wanted to check out the club.

  The day wasn't too promising. It bucketed with rain for most of the morning, and when we arrived at the glider field, they had just pulled the gliders out after the rain. The sun was at least shining, but we didn't feel many thermals whilst arriving in the C-140. After getting the Grob out the hangar, I preflighted. There weren't many cumulus clouds around now. I did find a little bit of lift on my first flight - it lasted 25 minutes, but this was off a 3,000 ft tow. I was probably in lift for under ten minutes, and it was very weak. A big patch of sink wiped it out, and I was soon getting too low. Back to the field for another try!

  Things looked better when I was lined up for the next tow - there was the occasional wisp of cumulus here and there indicating some lift. I took a tow to 2,000...but once again, didn't really find a lot. I only stayed up 17 minutes. (Having said that, I've had tows to 3,000 feet that have lasted that short amount of time). I did find a little over the IP, but it quickly petered out.

  Much of it is because I'm still not very good at finding lift. Someone managed to remain aloft for two hours in their PW-5, and they launched about the same time as me. Clearly, I have a lot left to learn!

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