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Glider landing   Sooner or later, it had to happen. I would lose the engine. However, fortunately - this time it won't be an emergency. Instead, it would be intentional! On the 30th January 2000, I started to learn all about gliders at the Soaring Club of Houston, in an ancient Schweizer 2-33. Once again, I'll keep a flight journal of the events so I can remember what went on a bit better, and so that others can hopefully share the experience!

Session 1 My first formal introduction to gliding. Boy does this thing have a lot of adverse yaw!
Session 2 Box the wake, steep turns and lessons that gliders don't get flared quite as high up as power planes...
Session 3 Slack line recoveries, boxing the wake, incipient spin recoveries, and finding a huge area of sink (resulting in a downwind landing)
Session 4 An hour of flying without an engine...we found thermals, big time!
Session 5 Emergency review and some more thermal soaring.
Session 6 All Blaniked Out! Strong winds and spins.
Session 7 Second First Solo.
Session 8 Introduction to the Grob and 15G30 winds.
Session 9 Grob Checkout
Session 10 An attempt at thermalling the Grob almost works...
Session 11 An attempt at thermalling the Grob almost works...again!
Session 12 Finally! I get some soaring flight in, and find out why the penetration capabilities of the Grob are so useful.
Session 13 Eagles May Soar... (My longest soaring flight to date)
Session 14 ...But Weasels Don't Get Sucked Into Jet Engines! (The strongest sink I've encountered)

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